Welcome to Yoga2shape

Hi, I’m Kat, and I’ve been teaching yoga for fourteen years and Pilates for ten. I teach yoga, Pilates and yogalates (which is a flowing mix of yoga and Pilates).

I live on the south coast of the UK near beautiful Hill Head Beach and it is from here that I am now teaching all my classes online. I am slowly expanding the range of classes that I can offer in this way, and for now, I am gravitating towards Yogalates, because I find the mix of these two disciplines so powerful, blissful, dynamic and transformative.

I was first drawn to yoga for the renowned physical benefits, but soon began to realise the vast benefits for the mind as well. The meditation that occurs from focusing on the breath and sensations within the body leads to a sense of serenity which rides with you even after leaving the mat. The benefits of this ancient practice are unlimited, and I have found myself continually drawn back to my yoga journey, even when wandering in different life directions.

Having qualified in teaching yoga and embarking on my teaching journey, I wanted to learn more about Pilates. I found Pilates exercises to be greatly satisfying, soothing, and such a perfect way to improve core strength, posture and body awareness.

As I delved deeper in to both disciplines, they seemed to resonate with each other like a harmonious chord, and I began to flow from one to the other in my personal practice. The creativity involved in weaving unique and seamless sequences of yoga and Pilates together suits me perfectly and I am privileged to be able to share this with you, wherever you are in the world, and whatever your budget!

Invite goodness in with my Free as a Bird Taster Package or Looking Deeper Taster and Beyond Package!

Invite Goodness In

Whatever you’re looking to get out of your exploration of yoga and/or Pilates, be open, allow yourself to grow, and enjoy the journey no matter where you’re at right now!